Magazine of Gina that issued 2018 Summer.

▽Item p.17(MEI) BOTTOMLINE SOLID YELLOW ¥3,800(+tax) p.80(MEI) MINIMUM MESSENGER YELLOW ¥2,900(+tax) ▽Item p.52-53(Fire Service) BOYFRIEND SKINNY BLK RINCE(BLACK) ¥12,800(+tax)

Magazine of FINE BOYS that issued July.

▽Item p.151(PINEFORT) PNF-000-181005 MESH SACOCHE WHITE ¥3,900(+tax) p.99(MEI) MEI×FREAK’S STORE 別注サコッシュ RED ¥3,800(+tax)

Magazine of mini that issued July.

▽Item p.32 (PINEFORT) PNF-000-173008 CURVE TOTE BURGUNDY ¥6,900+tax p.97 (MEI) MEI×DOUBLE NAME BODYBAG ¥4,500+tax p.87 (Admiral) ADM-000-181002 ROGO BUCKET HAT WHITE ¥3,300+tax p.69 MEI×DOUBLE NAME BODYBAG ¥4,500+tax