Magazine of GO OUT that issued March.

▽ITEM LEFT P59(MEI) MEI-000-191003 DAY PACK ¥6,800+tax NAVY カリフォルニアのクマのイラストをあしらったDAYPACK。配色カラーがポイントです。 RIGHT P60(MEI) MEI-000-190013 RUGGED PACK S PANEL ¥8,500+tax GREEN

Magazine of LaLa Begin that issued February&March.

▽ITEM p.6(MEI) MEI-000-190001 BOTTOM LINE ¥3900+tax GREEN p.45(MEI) MEI-000-190001 BOTTOM LINE ¥3900+tax GREEN MEI-000-190008 SACOCHE ¥3900+tax PINK MEI-000-190009 MINI MESSENGER ¥3900+tax YELLOW MEI-000-190010 BODY SHOULDER ¥5900+tax RED