キャンプウェブメディア「CAMP HACK」にCLASS-5を特集いただきました。 ▽Item (CLASS) MS0-000-190108 FLEECE PULL OVER (BLK/BRN/KHA) ¥19800 MS0-000-190106 CLIMING PANTS (KHAKI) ¥19800 MS0-000-190105 BOA FLEECE ZIP JACKET (BEG/ORG) ¥29000 MS0-000-000001 MOUNTAIN PARKA (RED) ¥55000 MS0-000-190107 UTILITY PANTS (BLK) ¥19800 MS0-000-190102 COACH JACKET (RED/BLK/KHA) ¥65000

Magazine of GOOUT that issue of February.

▽Item (p137) MS0-000-000002 LONG PARKA BLACK ¥48,000+tax MS0-000-190105 BOA FLEECE ZIP JACKET ORANGE ¥48,000+tax MS0-000-190423 MOUNTAIN PARKA DOWN BLUE ¥55,000+tax MS0-000-190108 FLEECE PULL OVER BROWN ¥19,800+tax MS0-000-190107 UTILIT PANTS BLACK ¥19,800+tax  

Magazine of Begin that issue of February.

▽Item p119(MOUNTAINSMITH) MS0-000-190102 COACH JACKET KHAKI ¥65,000+tax p122(PENDLETON) RIGHT: PDT-000-193053 PRINT MUFFLER NAVY ¥5,900+tax LEFT: PDT-000-193030 FABRIC EAR MUFFLER BROWN ¥4,300+tax